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Rebecca’s Top 5 September Beauty Favourites


We were so thoroughly spoilt for choice this September with all the products we reviewed for Organic September. When it came to selecting my favourite products for the month it was a difficult task! I would have featured Terreverdi FranChouliPom Serum and Lucy Annabella Organics Bath Milk and Body Oils had Katria not already featured them in her beauty favourites! So, in order to give …


Lipstick, We’re Telling a Tale on You!


A classic red, a bright pink, a flirty coral, a mysterious purple, a statement black, or an incognito nude lip – applying lipstick has been standing for independence, femininity and rebellion since the mid-1920s. Thanks to lipstick, some lips, like those of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, were even made unforgettable. (And of course Cliff Richard’s “Lucky Lips”, which are just too catchy to forget.) …


Looking for a Natural, Organic or Mineral Eyeliner?


Accentuating the lower waterline, tight lining the upper lash line, drawing on a sultry cat eye or a beauty mark over the upper lip – the possibilities of using eyeliners seem endless. In fact, this product is famous with many makeup fans all around the world (and has even a long history dating back to Ancient Egypt!), as it easily completes your makeup, makes your …


Why Should I Buy Natural and Organic Mascara?


Mascara probably belongs to those makeup products a majority of women doesn’t want to miss if they were asked to reduce their makeup stash to one item only. Flattering all eye shapes and colours, mascaras darken, curl, thicken, lengthen, and volumise the lashes and can be a real ‘eye-opener’. While most mainstream and fashionable mascaras help to transform the look of your lashes in an …


Why Should I Choose Natural, Organic or Mineral Eye Shadow?


Playing around with fancy eye shadows is a great and effective way to create different makeup looks. Soft browns for the day or darker shades for the night? The wide range of eye shadow colours on the market enables you to reinvent your look over and over again. And yet, as fun as getting creative with eye shadows is, did you know that most eye …


Why Do I Need to use a Primer?


Especially oily skin types benefit from applying a primer underneath their foundation, as it helps setting it, preventing it from creasing, and making your makeup last longer throughout a busy day. While adding the step of putting a priming product before your foundation is a great way to maintain a flawless skin complexion, one should pay attention to the ingredients used in such products. Most …


What Natural, Organic or Mineral Blusher To Buy?


Applying blusher can be a simple yet versatile step in your makeup routine, as it helps you to both contour and breathe life onto your face. Also, Snow White shows us how wonderful rosy cheeks can be – and who wouldn’t like to have a piece of Snow White’s timeless look? However, besides adding a beautiful highlight to your check, most mainstream blushers contain ingredients …


Why Should I Buy Natural Concealer?


Including an effective concealer to your makeup routine can be a great way to even out discoloration, covering the occasional spot on your forehead, keep last sleepless night a secret, and highlight the skin’s complexion. And still, as helpful as this partner in crime may be to enhance the overall look of your skin, it often contains rather unfavourable ingredients like Diazolidinyl Urea. Added to personal …


Looking for a Natural or Organic Foundation?


Using a foundation that suits your skin tone perfectly can not only hide any imperfections you may feel insecure about, it can also flatter your complexion and complete a full-face makeup routine. As you usually leave the product on your skin all day long, we suggest assuring yourself that your favourite foundation doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. One ingredient that should be avoided by all …


My Recent Green People Finds – DD Cream, Bronzer & Age Defy+ Cream Cleanser


Green People Age Defy+ Cream Cleanser It’s no secret that I was really impressed with Green People’s Age Defy+ range. You can read my first post about Green People Age Defy+ range here and the second post here. My particular favourites from the range include the Green People Age Defy+ Lip & Eye Serum, Facial Oil and Serum. So when Rosanna asked if I would …