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Rebecca’s November Empties

Trilogy Cream Cleanser – I love the almond scent and the weight of the cream, it’s not too heavy and is extremely easy to remove, either with running water or tissue. There’s also evening primrose, jojoba and rosehip oils which help cleanse, and carrot and almond oils to soothe and nourish skin. It’s funny that there should be carrot oil in there as my male …


Aromatherapy Associates Event

Rebecca and I recently attended an event by the renowned Aromatherapy Associates introducing their collaboration with an acclaimed panel of wellbeing experts.  A pioneer brand focusing on mindful beauty, Aromatherapy Associates believes in the power of aromatherapy to nurture the mind and body and find balance in your life. CEO, Tracey Woodward began by addressing the audience with some rather surprising statistics about current stress …


The Best Natural & Organic Christmas Gift Guide 2017 – Fragrance

2016-biteable-beauty-natural-vegan-fragrance-perfume-edt-beautiful-mind-series-precision-grace- frau-tonis-florascent

Perfume, fragrance, EDT and the like are such a personal choice, and one man’s (or woman’s) trash can be another one’s treasure. We’ve picked the creme de la creme of natural and organic here, and although you can’t smell them through the screen the aim is convey the stories behind the scents, and whom we might buy each fragrance for. Natural perfumery is also a …


What Does LoLa Want? LoLa Brows!

It’s a while now since I went to Last Perfect for my Brow Perfect experience. The lashes were excellent ­ I was really impressed especially with the lasting power and how much money the average lash­a­holic might be able to save with this treatment! So when Lash Perfect invited me along to the launch of LoLa Brows (LoLa = Long Lasting) I could not wait to experience the treatment. …


Scentered Therapy Balms


As I said in my Natural & Organic Products Europe Show – Beauty Haul, Scentered really was one of the stand out brands for me at the show. The stand was well dressed, and the branding was beautiful; this was sassy aromatherapy. Scentered Realised The idea for Scentered came about as co-founder Lara Morgan tapped into the natural power of aromatherapy, as she built a …


New Fragrances from Ancienne Ambiance


We are huge Ancienne Ambiance fans in our house, both Mr BB and I are mad about Goddess Oil, Ancienne Ambiance candles, and our latest love from the range is the Neroli Body Cream (although Mr BB uses this on his hair, sparingly I’m assured). In fact, there’s not a product of theirs that I have tried and not fallen in love with! I met …


Try Me, Beautiful! Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin – 18 Bogota


I am always excited to discover new brands (not necessarily brand new, but new to me!). Indeed I’m not entirely certain how I stumbled upon this one, or they upon me. As the brand is based in Berlin I have a feeling I may have dipped into their store whilst over there visiting friends, however I have no recollection of this occurrence. But then again, …


Chemicals I Think Stink in Perfume!

Natural perfumes

We all know that most fragrances are alcohol based. Some people choose not to use alcohol-based products as they can upset the pH balance of our skin, cause irritation, inflammation and dryness. In truth, there are far worse chemicals lurking in some pretty perfume bottles. Here’s a list of five chemicals I think stink in perfume – What Could be Lurking in your Mainstream Fragrance? 1) Alcohol is …


Natural Perfumes – How to Smell Better, Naturally!

Natural Perfume

Fragrance is such a personal thing. Some people change their perfume daily to suit their mood or even outfit (you smell so yellow, darling) whilst others stick to a signature scent for years, perhaps opting for a change of fragrance for evening and formal events.   Myself, I fall somewhere between the two. I have some signature scents knocking about from my pre-natural days (Paul …


Korres Aphrodite’s Rose Set


Korres is one of those brands that I always see around but have never really bought in to. I got a few samples from a show at London Fashion Week one year and was pleased with their performance but I didn’t go back for more (I wasn’t on the natural products tip at that time in my life). Imagine my delight when I received an …