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Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology (ELT) Therapy

Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology

Biteable Beauty's Beauty Angel ELT Treatment at Cucumba Salon, Soho A couple of months ago I went for a new and unusual treatment at Cucumba Salon in Soho. Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology therapy is a new type of treatment especially designed to target the first signs of ageing,...


Beyond Beauty Paris

Having worked at the various UK beauty shows, both trade and consumer, I was interested to see not only how the Parisians did it but also to see what brands were exhibiting and hopefully uncover some new gems. I was not disappointed. Now it claims...

My Organic Indulgence

Every month or so, I try and make it down to Spa Fabulous in Surbiton, another brand I represent. The salon is beautifully presented, and Neena Trehan, the owner and founder, is always an absolute pleasure to be or work with. It's no wonder she...