Animal Friends

Animal Friends

I love animals and always have done. I have had a pet for most of my life. Cats, fish and most recently Mimi our beloved dog. As I looked back through our holiday photos in Turkey it became quite apparent the extent to which I do. Thankfully Charlie does too so he didn’t think of me as some cat-obsessive destined to be a spinster as I went about making lots of little furry friends on holiday. Here are some photos of the fauna we met on our travels in Turkey –


This pussycat got the remains of my fish dish and was loving it until a dog came and chased her over the lawn.

This puppy was so cute and cuddly and soft, I was almost tempted to take him away.

But I couldn’t do that to Mummy dog, who watched on intently as I cuddled her pup.

A double tailed dragonfly!

A moth with what appear to be feathers for ears!

This dog was soooo cute but so disinterested.

This sea turtle was tempted to the surface near our boat with a blue crab, one of its favourite foods. ¬†When we went to turtle beach, I had a pre-formed romanticised idea that we would be walking along this stretch of sand with no one else around and then a beautiful enormous sea turtle would appear from out of the water. Alas this was not the case – the beach is a reservation area as the turtles are endangered and numbers dwindling. Still, it was a pleasure to see this one even if not quite the way I’d imagined it.

  • Emily
    August 31, 2011

    Your sea turtle photo is amazing, very jealous!

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