Try Me, Beautiful! oy! Organic Young by Green People Cleanser, Makeup Remover & Moisturiser

The final morning of our cruise was a rather early one – we had to be out of our rooms by 7am! Bleary eyed, we reached for the alarm clock at 6:50am and then frantically dressed, brushed our teeth and did our final bits of packing. We were out by 7:10am, not too bad all things considered. I didn’t have a chance to wash my face in the madness, even though I’d left out this sachet and a cotton wool pad especially.

I did however find time to test it out whilst waiting to disembark. Firstly, I used as a cleanser – applying to face and neck before wiping off with cotton wool. I could see traces of dirt on the pad so took this for a good sign. I would not use this cleanser on a regular basis, as I would rather use something that can be rinsed away – I’ve never been one for using cleansers that you remove with cotton wool pads. As a temporary measure however I thought this product was perfectly efficient! Next, I tried it as a moisturiser. Again its performance was more than adequate!

I would highly recommend oy! Organic Young Cleanser, Makeup Remover and Moisturiser to parents of teens looking for a product to make them feel more grown up but who don’t really have to worry about any skin concerns that come with age. There are also some excellent ingredients for helping deal with breakouts and keeping acne at bay. It’s also a great product because of its multitasking purposes, friendly on the wallet and kind to sensitive skins – no overload with harsh chemicals or unnecessarily heavy products meant for more mature skin types.

Available from £9.95 50ml oy! Organic Young by Green People Cleanser, Makeup Remover & Moisturiser




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