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Try Me, Beautiful! Ancienne Ambiance – Goddess Argan Oil

Try Me, Beautiful! Ancienne Ambiance – Goddess Argan Oil

Ancienne Ambiance won Best Soap Bar in the Biteable Beauty Best Of Awards 2013. With this in mind, I was incredibly keen to try Goddess Argan Oil from them. It’s made using a high grade organic Argan Oil. One of my favourite oils, Argan is rich in natural Vitamin E, an important anti-ageing and antioxidant-rich oil. It’s also rich in Squalene, a component found naturally in our skin’s sebum which diminishes with age. It helps to anti-age fine lines and wrinkles, and is also thought to protect against skin cancer.

Apparently with regular use the oil can help diminish stretch marks. A great one for all those Mums-to-be out there! I love this oil because it’s super-effective at moisturising the skin, it leaves a gorgeous sheen and also smells absolutely divine. With use, skin looks, feels and smells goddess-like. Ancienne Ambiance also say that the oil can help prevent skin peeling and chaffing so it’s great for using post-shaving or as an after-sun treatment to help minimise further damage, replenish and lock in moisture.

A most definite must purchase product, I have a feeling this will be my summer body must-have product to give a healthy shimmer to skin, a flirty fragrance which doesn’t overpower, and super-soft, strokable skin. I’ve also noticed that Mr BB is enjoying this product as I sniffed it out on his freshly-shaven and extremely smooth face. I told him that he smelt like a goddess, to which he replied “are you talking about the oil? You must order some more of that stuff!” Must be a winner!

Available from ancienneambiance.com £36 100ml Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Argan Beauty Oil

Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Argan Oil Spray


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