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Skincare in a Cold Climate : Keeping Skin Healthy in the Winter Months


For those who regularly check in to Biteable Beauty you will have most probably picked up on the fact that we’ve been on a cruise to see the Northern Lights recently. We saw the aurora borealis on three separate occasions and also fitted in some great excursions including a trip to a polar zoo, driving huskies, driving snowmobiles and a trip on the Rauma Railway which was used in the sixth Harry Potter film – Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. It was stunningly beautiful scenery and to see the Northern Lights was a dream come true, although I hear there have been multiple sightings up and down the UK!


The cold outside and the dry heat inside can play havoc with your skin, so it’s very important to keep skin hydrated and happy. To achieve this in the often sub zero conditions outside and the toasty indoor climate I utilised two Hope’s Relief products – Goat’s Milk Body Wash and Hydrating Lotion. The range is developed especially for dry skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis, and is Australia’s #1 selling natural dry skin brand. These two products are both from the Nutritional Skincare range.

Hope’s Relief Goat’s Milk Body Wash is made with Fresh Goat’s Milk and enriched with organic Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. Goat’s Milk is well known to be packed full of skin-loving proteins (read my review of Orba Originals Cleansing Lotion here) as well as vitamin A, B6 and B12, and other nutrients to nourish and moisturise the skin. The product itself is creamy and produces a rich lather on contact with water. After use, skin feels softer, smoother and more hydrated.


To help lock in the moisture, I followed up every shower with Hope’s Relief Hydrating Lotion. This is a high-performance product with some of the richest oils and butters to rejuvenate and regenerate skin. There’s Mango, Shea and Olive Butters combined with Grapeseed, Calendula and Rosehip. The product helps to nourish and repair dry skin on the outside whilst penetrating the skin’s deeper levels and boosting collagen production as well as restoring elasticity.


At first glance, the prices look expensive but the sizes are economical and with the lotion in particular a little goes a long, long way. Apply too much and you will find the product takes ages to work into the skin. For this reason, it’s important to apply just a smudge of product at a time and then apply more if necessary.

Whilst the price is not a turnoff for me, the packaging unfortunately is. The fickle side of me thinks if I’m paying above the odds for a product I want something to look the part, that can take pride of place in my bathroom. Whilst the lotion goes some of the way towards looking like a serious, almost medicated product, the body wash label could do a lot better. I love animals but even, for me the goat’s face doesn’t cut the mustard.

To finish on a positive, I would highly recommend these products for anyone suffering from psoriasis, eczema or even just severely dry or dehydrated skin. The products don’t have particularly strong fragrances, so are also great for men and children. A great selling point of Hope’s Relief is they are all suitable for use on all the family, from newborns through to adults – something very rarely seen!

Available from  hopes-relief.com Prices from £8.40 – £19.80

Biteable Beauty tried the Hope’s Relief Goat’s Milk Body Wash £11.40 and Hope’s Relief Hydrating Lotion £19.80

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