My Response to “The Organic Myth”, published in The Daily Mail, Monday 8th August

As some of you know, I am a regular contributor to natural beauty magazine Simply Beautiful. You can read my articles here. As a writer, I believe there is a responsibility to provide accurate information for your readers, if we don’t then who will? I was quite shocked when I read the aforementioned article in The Daily Mail, so much so that I decided to post a reply. Imagine my frustration when my comment was not posted on a supposedly unmoderated comments board! Giving The Daily Mail the benefit of the doubt, I tried once more from a different email address. It is now over a week since I wrote my second comment and still nothing. So, I have decided to post my response on here.

Dear Alice,

I am writing in response to your feature published in the Daily Mail on 8th August.

As a natural beauty expert, I found a couple of mistakes in your article. Firstly, Barefoot Botanicals are not organic, and neither do they claim to be. They are “100% natural and therapeutic”. Secondly, MOP are one of the worst culprits, they have organic in their name, yet they use synthetic ingredients in their products – they are not even 100% natural!

Jason, one of the brands I represent through my work with Kinetic, has undergone a rebrand in their packaging, dropping the “Pure, Natural and Organic” strap line and replacing it with “Natural Pioneer Since 1959″. This was partially due to the problems in America. Jason do use some organic ingredients, as well as also using some synthetic ingredients. The reason for these synthetic ingredients is to expand the life of the products, from six months to three years. The synthetic ingredients used by Jason are deemed safe and responsible for external use.

The natural and organic beauty market is an absolute minefield, which is why I think it’s great that companies such as Green People and Neal’s Yard are starting to mark the % of organic ingredients their products use. The advice I would offer to those concerned about products is to check what the ingredients lists are free from; do they contain irritants such as SLS and phthalates?; do they contain carcinogens such as petrochemicals and parabens?

I must say I am very disappointed in this article as it is giving Jason a bad rep whilst also praising MOP who if you did a blow by blow analysis of the ingredients in their products, you would find SLS mentioned as the second ingredient in the Lemongrass Shampoo you featured, as well as synthetic fragrance which can also be an irritant –

I am also very disappointed that despite submitting a comment twice on the article, it has not been published. It says that the comments are unmoderated but I don’t believe this otherwise why would my comments not be published?

I am very interested to hear what you have to say in response to this email and I look forward to hearing from you soon. I am not trying to start a war here, I just think that as journalists we have a responsibility to get the facts straight when so many people are reading our articles and listen to our voice.

Kind regards,



You can read the full article (less my comments) here

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