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Favourite Brand: Scentered Therapy Balms

As I said in my Natural & Organic Products Europe Show – Beauty Haul, Scentered really was one of the stand out brands for me at the show. The stand was well dressed, and the branding was beautiful; this was sassy aromatherapy displayed via therapy balms.

Scentered Realised

The idea for Scentered came about as co-founder Lara Morgan tapped into the natural power of aromatherapy, as she built a global business and raised a family. With co-founder Fay Pottinger they conceived the idea and so Scentered was born.

All products are made in England (hoorah for Great British beauty!) and 10% of net profits support Women for Women International, an organisation that empowers women to improve their lives, and rebuild communities in war-torn regions.

The Scentered Ritual – Stop, Inhale, Reset, the therapy balms

There were four products at the launch of Natural & Organic Products Europe, and since then a fifth has been added which I can’t wait to try! Here are the five different therapy balms with their key notes –

Scentered Focus – rosemary, mint, clary sage

This is a great one for providing clarity and also uplifting the spirit. I’ve really gotten in to clary sage of late, although I believe it’s a bit of a marmite fragrance!

Scentered Love – rose, patchouli & cedarwood

One of my favourites of the therapy balms, I love all the three notes and they just blend so delightfully. I use this one whenever I am in need of a little pick me up or reassurance. I know I’m always loved!

Scentered Stress Less – chamomile, neroli & mandarin

This has become a desk staple, on one of my desks I keep Aromatherapy Associates Instant Inner Strength, and this on the other one.

Scentered Sleep Well – palmarosa, lavender & ylang ylang

I love love love the smell of this one, but I’ve been sleeping so well recently I don’t really need the power of aromatherapy to help me! I’d buy this one for Mr BB but I think he needs elephant tranquilliser rather than aromatherapy products.


Now, if ever there was a lineup of notes that particularly appealed to me, thins would be it. Warm, spicy and woody all in one. Regular readers will know I love frankincense, but I also love sandalwood and although oud is a relatively recent discovery for me, I adore it!

I’ve not had the pleasure of this Scentered Balm yet but it’s definitely on my treat list!

Have you tried Scentered Therapy Balms? Which one is your favourite?


  • September 30, 2015

    I have the stress less balm and I love it!

  • September 30, 2015

    What a great concept for aromatherapy- enjoyed this read! Definitely pinned it LOL 🙂

  • Erin
    June 21, 2016

    Are the scents suitable for men or are they more perfume like?

    • November 30, 2016

      Erin I am so sorry I missed your comment! Yes definitely suitable for men too!

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