FakeBake Lipo Bronze

For my Anti-Cellulite article in Simply Beautiful, I called in some products to trial and review. They didn’t arrive quite in time for me to give any of them a chance, so I wrote a small entry for each product in the feature and directed readers to here. Here is my short entry for the first product I am going to trial long term –¬†FakeBake Lipo Bronze.

A fabulous two in one product! FakeBake’s natural tanning agents give you a sexy, bronzed tanwhich you can intensify through daily use, whilst Lipo Care by Sederma of France accelerateslipid release from fatty storage areas and a powerful peptide called Rigina enhances firmness and promotes skin elasticity.

As I mentioned in my article, the skin’s health and strength plays a key part in the appearance of cellulite. From the first try of the product the resulting tan was deep, even and not at all streaky or orange. ¬†Stay tuned to find out how the product performs in the trial.

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