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Urban House & Retreat Spa

I had left booking my accommodation for post-Trailwalker finish to the last minute. There was no shortage of options luckily for me and when I found a premier suite with a free-standing roll top bath I knew I had my room for the night sorted....

Nutiva Chia Seeds (Trailwalker Item 5)

Chia seeds are an ancient food eaten in early Aztec and Mayan cultures. They are full of fibre, protein, minerals, omega-3 and antioxidants. They don't taste of much, but I wasn't eating them for flavour. What makes chia seeds great for eating during exercise is...

coconut water

Coconut Water (Trailwalker Item 4)

Coconut water is an addiction of mine, admittedly there are worse things to be addicted to. A piano student first introduced me to a white can of the beverage which I instantly took a liking to flavour-wise, however, I was initially put off after drinking...


Beyond Beauty Paris

Having worked at the various UK beauty shows, both trade and consumer, I was interested to see not only how the Parisians did it but also to see what brands were exhibiting and hopefully uncover some new gems. I was not disappointed. Now it claims...

Genki Haramaki (Trailwalker Item 1)

I came across this item at the Holistic Health Show in Birmingham and was intrigued. It is a tubular garment made out of ribbed super soft cotton which you wear around your abdomen, folded over twice, based on a traditional Japanese garment worn to maintain...

Trailwalker 2011 – Epic!

On the morning of Saturday 16th July, I set out with three companions - Rebecca Burn-Callander, Kate Bassett and Kier Wiater Carnihan - to walk 100km in 30 hours across the South Downs in aid of The Gurkha Welfare Trust and Oxfam. We've collected nearly...