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Try Me, Beautiful! Redmond Earthpaste

I'm always on the lookout for clean and natural toothpastes that still taste good. Mainly because Vitacare Pomegranate Mint Whitening Toothpaste, our oral care of preference in the BB house, is £5.99 a tube and rather on the small side when compared to other toothpastes...


Simply Bee – Cold Chest

It was great to meet the team behind Simply Bee UK at Spring Fair this year, and this encounter also served as a prompt for me to take their products out of my Biteable Beauty cupboard and do some writing about them! I was going...


Happy Easter! Healthier Chocolate Options

Green & Black's Organic Dark 70% Chocolate Egg I have so much respect for Jo Fairley, not just for her work within the beauty realm but also for her and her husband's work for producing ethically sourced organic chocolate in the shape of Green & Black's....


Happy Easter! Top Chocolate Facts!

It's Easter! Have a good one everybody! Whilst I must admit to having polished off my egg yesterday (don't worry I am sure the Easter bunny will deliver more today!) it was a dark chocolate one so I did reap the benefit of that 70% cacao....