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Bikram Yoga 30 DAy Challenge Fierce Grace

Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 10

Sunday 18th January 5pm Core Class: Yoga Challenge Day 10 The core class is a sublime way to end the weekend and prepare yourself for the coming week. Some people consider core to be the “easy” class, but I don’t consider easy the correct terminology. It’s...


Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 8

Friday 16th January 10:15 Fierce Grace Class, Yoga Challenge Day 8 One thing that seems to happen when you return to practice in the morning following on from the night before is you seem to pick up where you left off. The ability to get deeper...


Bloggers Tea Party @ Drink, Shop & Do

A couple of months ago now I went to a Bloggers Tea Party, organised by Nadja from TMSB and Olivia from Beauty from the Fjord. Thanks so much for inviting me ladies, because I had an absolutely fabulous time! The event was held at Drink,...


Optibac – For Women Probiotics

Optibac Probiotics Launch In September of this year, I went to the launch of Optibac ‘For Women’ probiotics with Alex my intern. For women is a unique product that has been contains two strains of probiotics proven to reach the intimate area through oral administration! Quite simply...