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Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 26

Tuesday 3rd February 8pm Core Class Yoga Challenge Day 26 By my planned yoga activity for the week, this is going to be my last core class of the 30 day yoga challenge. Tonight in the standing series the yogi instructor came to correct my hip positioning,...


Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 25

Monday 2nd February 5pm Fierce Grace Class Yoga Challenge Day 25 I am now well and truly on the home straight of my Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and I can't see anything stopping me! One thing I have noticed is my appetite has considerably...


Make at Home Food & Drink – Chai Tea

We recently had some friends over for dinner, and one of them very kindly gifted us some Masala Chai Tea from Tea2You in Borough Market. I can see from their website that their blend consists of black tea, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, and this is...

Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 24

Sunday 1st February 10am Classic Class Yoga Challenge Day 24 Another take away phrase from Day 24 of the Yoga Challenge from Chimezie - "give thanks that you are healthy enough and blessed with a body able to practice." This is so true! You may be wanting to...


Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 23

Saturday 31st January 9am Fierce Grace Class Yoga Challenge Day 23 Another great day of the Fierce Grace yoga challenge today, between Fierce Grace and Classic, I choose Fierce Grace all the way! As well as music, there is more upper body work in FG, and today for...


Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 1

Friday 9th January 7pm Class Fierce Grace with Steve Carter Yoga Challenge Day 1 Now, I'm fairly certain I remember Steve from the days of Bikram Yoga (read my 30 day fail here), although I do sometimes just have a feeling I have met someone before and actually...


Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 22

Friday 30th January 7pm Fierce Grace Class Yoga Challenge Day 22 Today's Friday night Fierce Grace Yoga Challenge class was with Michele Pernetta again, and the usual fairy lights up, music cranked up a little (and a little more party party!) and main lights dimmed down...