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A Look at Dental Care Through History

SMILE Natural Dental Care

Who would have believed that those industrious Egyptians were performing dental surgery as early as 2500BC and using animal teeth as replacements for human teeth? Or that the gent considered the father of modern dentistry recommended urine as a natural antiseptic mouthwash. Readers whilst I’m sure you all know the lengths I go to in order to report and review the best natural alternatives, I …

Shape Up Supplements – Look Better and Feel Better From Inside and Out!

Shape Up SUpplements Raspberry Ketones African Mango Terranova Green Purity

With summer holidays looming for hopefully most of us the thought of slipping into a bikini, swimsuit or trunks fills many with dread. We all have our body hangups and there’s always something we would change about our bodies but as I’ve got older I’ve learnt that health is the only thing that matters. Try to learn to embrace your lumps, bumps, curves and wobbles …