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Fake Bake Lipo Bronze – Final

Well, the proof is in the pudding as they say.  I wanted to take a photo of my smooth legs and display them in all their (Fakebaked) bronzed glory.  However, all those Turkish delights on my holiday said otherwise.  After a  wonderfully relaxed holiday in...


Dads are particular when it comes to their grooming. Correction, not just Dads, men in general. I remember one Christmas I bought my Dad some lovely old school shaving products from Selfridges (this was before my Carter and Bond days, as well as my natural...

Back Massage with Andrew Sabapathy

Recently during a visit to Whole Foods Camden, I had a consultation and massage with Andrew Sabapathy.  Andrew is a qualified onsite Acupressure chair massage therapist and Indian Head masseuse. His technique combines deep tissue techniques and light movements helping the body to release tension,...