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Movers & Shapers : Session 3

To say my legs were fatigued the day after my last session would be a massive understatement. I was walking like John Wayne for the next couple of days and every little step was accompanied by that "ooh, ow, I worked hard yesterday" satisfying pain....

FakeBake Lipo Bronze

For my Anti-Cellulite article in Simply Beautiful, I called in some products to trial and review. They didn't arrive quite in time for me to give any of them a chance, so I wrote a small entry for each product in the feature and directed...

Movers & Shapers : Session 1

I'm always up for trying new things, and so whilst researching cellulite combat I discovered that the power plate chain Movers & Shapers claimed to "combat cellulite" whilst also improving muscle tone, strength, accelerating weight loss and improving overall health and well being. And all...


Booty Camp : The Supplements

I did a little reading up, I asked for some expert advice from Solgar and it appeared that I should be taking the following vitamins in my quest for perfection. Please be vigilant when experimenting with supplements as every body is different and can react...

Booty Camp : The Challenge

I am a regular contributor to the great new(ish) magazine, Simply Beautiful. My first article was all about creating a spa experience at home for Mother's Day with Evolve Beauty and homemade products (you can read it here).  When I was assigned my next article,...